The Hottest Female Characters In The Anime History

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One of the greatest things about anime is the plethora of characters they offer. And what’s even better is how sexy and alluring some females characters some anime put on the table. So, for today’s list, we will be counting down a list of some of the sexiest females in all anime history that were able to steal the spotlight and our hearts.

NOTE : This list isn’t numbered and based on personal preferences.
As they always SAY GO BIG OR GO HOME, That’s why we are starting strong



Rias Gremory - Yoko Hikasa

Well, We can’t make a list of the sexiest females in history without mentioning our luscious pure blooded-demon, now can we? Rias possesses one of the finest body figures in anime with the addition of a kind nature, pride in her family name, compassion, and optimistic nature in general. However, any acts of violence in front of her can flip a switch revealing a darker side to our sexy demon.

To add to all her beauty and attraction, Rias has bright red long hair reaching down to her back, and to make things more interesting she is always wearing her sexy school uniform. However, in some instances, when Rias is wearing her knocker swimsuit the viewers are invited to the pleasure of taking an even closer look at her assets and the enjoyment of what the sexy demoness has to offer even more.



Erza Scarlet - Sayaka Ohara

Yet we continue our list with another red-head, fit, and super sexy figure. Erza isn’t all looks and no show though as she is a powerful sword wielder that is feared by all other guilds. Erza is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild, and one of its heaviest hitters She possesses a fiery personality and enjoys a good fight.

However, Don’t do the mistake of putting Erza next to alcohol because as soon as she gets drunk her freakier side comes to surface as she once strips fully n#de in front of Natsu and company after she became drunk. So, yeah Ezra and alcohol never mix those together XD.

So far so good don’t you agree?
However, things are going to get even more heated up with our next entry. Our next female hottie comes from an anime of pirates and marines battling each other for the greatest treasure in history she is a pirate herself too and a very powerful one at that. I guess you figured who it is by now so without further a due I GIVE YOU LINLIN A.K.A BIG MOM. Naaaaah I am just kidding guys.



Boa Hancock - Kotono Mitsuishi

I mean come on guys you all knew it was coming to this, a bit of suspense couldn’t hurt right? Making a list of the sexiest women without her on it is like making a cake without the icing, It just doesn’t feel right. Boa is so beautiful to the point she turns men into stone just by looking at her. She carries the title of the most beautiful female in the world of one piece.

I mean who can disagree with that body she is rocking, added to that her revealing outfit and apparent cleavage that she does no effort at all in hiding. Why would she hide it though? She is the fairest of them all and she got it so bad for Luffy captain of the straw hats, since he was the only man alive not to turn to stone the moment he laid eyes on her. In short, THIS WOMAN IS HOT.



Tsunade Senju - Masako Katsuki

Now we venture further into the world of anime leaving behind the world of One Piece and its pirates, into the world of hidden villages and ninjutsu skills to talk about not only one of the hottest females in her verse but also one of the strongest females in anime history. Tsunade is the granddaughter of Hashirama Senju and the 5th Hokage of the hidden Leaf village.

She is the student of the 3rd and a woman that saw so much sorrow and death growing up. Even though Tsunade is over 50 years old she still retains a great body figure with a low collar top revealing some of her most alluring assets causing a lot of viewers to lust for her as well as characters in the anime like Jiraiya the pervert sage himself.



Esdeath - Satomi Akesaka

If having the word death in her name isn’t intimidating enough wait until you see her fight with blood lust in her eyes. Esdeath is a great example of loving an antagonist for all the right reasons. However, Under all that tough exterior Esdeath is just like any other woman looking for a guy to love her, only for her to fall head-over-heels for one of the main protagonists, Tatsumi, ally to the night raid the rebels Esdeath is hell-bent on exterminating.

Esdeath has a tall sexy figure with a large bosom and a revealing outfit. She is the definition of supremacy, and stays loyal to her love to Tatsumi even after acknowledging the fact that he doesn’t share her the same feelings. When Esdeath faces her demise, She hugs Tatsumi engulfing them both in an ice like tomb and shattering together into a million pieces.



Rangiku Matsumoto

Whenever someone mention her name, I can’t help but imagine Rangiku in her swimsuit in that special episode of bleach “ Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!! ” So go watch it XD.

Rangiku in general has a smoking hot body and a carefree personality that comes with it, Don’t be fooled by her carefree personality though as she is one of the strongest Shinigami in bleach retaining the title of lieutenant under Captain Hitsugaya Toshiro. Her outfit doesn’t help either as she favors a more cleavage revealing kind of attire putting her humungous chest on display. Rangiku Matsumoto is a great example of a curvy woman with a HOT body figure.



Bulma - Hiromi Tsuru

Leaving the world of Shinigami and hollows behind we enter the world of aliens from space and 7 magical balls that can grant you virtually any wish you desire.

The Dragon Ball Series is one of the oldest series on the list with many entries to it’s name and many likeable and sexy characters as well. And one of the first introduced characters is Bulma, A girl that combines both brains and beauty arguably being the smartest human after her father. She knows how to go around situations and she never hesitates in using her sexual allure to seduce others to do her bidding as she once lifts her skirt for master Roshi in return for his dragon ball.

bulma and master roshi

However, She doesn’t do that anymore as she is married to Vegeta and have two children with him Trunks, and Bula. The young Bulma was sexy and too hot for her own good and it attracted a lot of fans to her body figure. Especially when in one of the episodes she put on a sexy bunny suit, I can guarantee that there were millions of nose-bleed cases on that day.

Sadly we have lost the voice actor of Bulma aka Hiromi Tsuru in 2017 and she was replaced by Monica Rial starting from Dragon Ball Z Kai, Lets hope that she is in a good place and offer our thanks and gratitude to her contribution in the anime community – Rest In Peace



Merlin - Maaya Sakamoto

The Seven Deadly Sins is one of the newer generations of anime having it’s fair share of sexy and alluring ladies to offer. However, the one that sits above them all is Merlin the daughter of Belialuin blessed by both Demon king and Goddess of Light.

I mean what more can someone say about merlin than that she is in my opinion of course the embodiment of perfection. She is smart talented in the ways of magic, amassing an unbelievable amount of knowledge, and on top of all that she is hot and she knows she is. Escanor the strongest sin of pride is head-over-heels for her and simps for her so hard it makes the fans of this anime wish they were the ones in his place as he gets to touch her amazingly toned body and even give her a bubble bath and a foot-rub (lucky bastard).

Merlin clothes ( if those categorize as clothes ) are a 2-piece robe and panties barely covering…well anything really, her outfit is so revealing she is better off without it since it isn’t doing that much of a difference anyway. To add to all that sex-appeal her superior personality to others makes her a class S-Rank Diva to the point that if she steps on you, you will still enjoy it.



Mikasa Ackerman - Yui Ishikawa

Mikasa is one of the main 3 protagonists we are first introduced to in Attack on Titan in addition to Eren Yeager and Armin Arlert. Mikasa rocks a hot, toned, muscular figure and she is considered one of humanities strongest soldiers second only to Captain Levi.

However, What truly makes fans at some point simp for Mikasa is how much she loves Eren unconditionally and takes care of him and protects him. If you’re ever looking for a companion find someone to love you unconditionally as Mikasa loves Eren.

OK so before reaching our final entry on this list we have to countdown some of the hottest females anime that didn’t quite make it into this list but deserve their position none the less:

Hot Anime Girls
  • Lucy Heartfilia- Fairy tail
  • Nico Robin – One Piece
  • Leone – Akame Ga Kill
  • Orihime Inoue – Bleach
  • Asuna – Sword Art Online
  • Nami – One piece


Albedo - Yumi Hara

You guys must’ve seen this coming a whole mile away. Albedo is a demoness created by Ainz’s Guild mate. Ainz however tampers with programming inadvertently causing her to fall for him heads – over – heels and thirst for him so bad. It’s not like he can do anything for her anyway, HE IS A FREAKING SKELETON.

Albedo is the overseer of the floor guardians protecting Nazarick from outsiders she has a toned curvy figure with sexy horns and cute wings coming out of her waist to add even more to her sexually arousing appearance. Furthermore, it comes without thought the appeal of her pure white dress, as well as her hilarious fights with Shalltear over winning the favor of Ainz.

AND with this, we conclude our list. Hope you like it. If you don’t, please leave a comment below explaining who deserved a spot on this list. With that being said, I hope everyone is staying safe in this pandemic and see you soon with a new list and a new topic to discuss.

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