Top 10 Hottest Female Teachers In Anime

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Let’s be real, anime characters are very attractive. Whatever your preference is, there’s a character to cater to it, and we’ll be highlighting some for our female-loving audience. We’ve already covered The Hottest Female Characters and Super-Cute and Hot Muscular Girls. Now we’ll be dipping into a little taboo territory with the Hottest Female Teachers.

Teacher ” here could mean either a traditional educator in a classroom setting or a mentor who watches over and trains others. These teachers, however, have a knack for inspiring more than just academic success.

There’s always that small something that inspires a little temptation. Maybe it’s their physical appearance or maybe it’s their personality that’s attractive. Whatever it is, here are the Top 10 Hottest Female Teachers in Anime!



Aoi Kagami - Aokana

Let’s kick things off with a classic motif, the cool beauty. An adaptation of a visual novel by the same name, Aokana follows a group of students as they compete in the fictional sport Flying Circus. Their homeroom teacher/club counselor is Aoi Kagami. A former FC athlete herself, she is content to train and watch over the next generation.

Sporting short, pinkishviolet hair, sharp green eyes, an athletic build and a nonchalant demeanor, Aoi may come across as detached, but she cares deeply for her students. The way she loosely wears her lab coat over her black punkish tank top and skirt perfectly reflect how her superficial professionalism covers her more free nature. Quite the looker with a heart of gold. What more could you ask for?



Chifuyu Orimura - Infinite Stratos

Next, we have a teacher who would just as easily slap you upside the head as she would force you to be her drinking buddy. In a school population of one male and all females, Chifuyu developed a hard-knocks approach to teaching.

Much to her chagrin, it somewhat backfired, as she gained a following of students who worship her strong and serious demeanor.

Her long black hair pulled into a low ponytail, disapproving brown eyes, and signature business suit helps maintain that persona, but outside of class, she can be very casual and affectionate, especially while drinking.

She’s not afraid of clothes that show off her voluptuous figure and can be quite handsy, in a teasing way. In or out of the classroom, she’ll have you begging for more.



Lisa Lisa - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Coming in at #8, A fashion icon even by JoJo’s standards, she owns her look and role as a Hamon master. After Joseph and Caesar bear witness to the revival of the Pillar Men, they seek out Caesar’s mentor in Venice for training.

There they meet Lisa Lisa, a tall, elegant woman with long dark hair, light blue eyes, and a flair for the dramatic. She’s more than just good-looking, as the boys discover through the hellish training she dishes out. Being a Hamon master with the world at stake, she can’t afford to let weakness show.

Strong, brave, and beautiful, Lisa Lisa is pivotal in the final fight against the Pillar Men, wearing her now iconic black shoulder-less dress, earrings, pantyhose, and scarf. It’s no wonder why the characters and fans go gaga for Lisa Lisa.



Quturiff Skull - Monster Girl Doctor

Now a little something for those of you with more specified tastes and a penchant for tentacles. Quturiff Skull serves as the head of the capital’s central hospital.

Among her many duties as a doctor is her duty to teach and raise the next line of medical professionals, namely the protagonist and his nurse. As the title suggests, she is a monster girl of the squid variety.

Her upper half is that of a voluptuous woman with full red hair, glasses, and bluish-gray eyes, clad in a frilly white blouse, lab coat, and black pencil skirt.

From said skirt extends eight squid-like tentacles with which she uses to dole out her loving ministrations. Playful, a little flirtatious, and very hands-on, Dr. Quturiff knows exactly how to make you feel better.



Here’s another alluring red-haired doctor, though you may want to perform a background check. In this crazy and eccentric series, a vampire has taken up residence with a student, who makes Chihiro, the school nurse, swear to secrecy. In order to continue their normal school lives, they institute night classes, with Chihiro serving as a homeroom teacher.

She leaves a lot to be desired in terms of her teaching ability, but her looks are nothing to sneeze at. Short, messy, red hair, blue eyes, a little gaunt, but a full figure clad in a red strapless leather dress and signature lab coat.

She even has a turbulent romantic past full of twists and turns, betrayals, and a dark secret for that extra bit of mystery. Not exactly the best role model, but her worldly experience will get your blood pumping.



Hina Tachibana - Domestic Girlfriend

She may not be as flashy as the other entries, but she possesses undeniable charm and loving nature. As the protagonist’s homeroom teacher, first crush, and then stepsister, Hina juggles a lot of roles. She sees herself first and foremost as a teacher, and she’s very good at what she does.

As time goes on, however, she feels the pull of romance and struggles against the societal taboos placed on her. It’s very easy to fall for her, too. She has this air of natural beauty with brown waist-length hair and green eyes, and she looks good in anything she wears.

For an adolescent, she would seem the perfect woman. With stunning looks, a caring personality, and just a hint of naivete, Hina scores top marks.



Shura Kirigakure - Blue Exorcist

At #4 we have another fiery redhead, a loose cannon who leaves nothing to the imagination. She starts out as an inspector for the Vatican to observe and possibly eliminate the son of Satan. After he wins her over, she continues to observe him as an instructor at the Exorcist cram school.

Shura is very outspoken and not at all afraid to insult and call out flaws in others. She can have a soft side but prefers to hide it under a tough love mentality. Aside from her skills as a swordswoman and Exorcist, her appearance is the most striking thing about her. Faded red hair with blond tips, pink eyes, full lips, and a seal running down her front.

The few articles of clothing she does wear usually consist of a red bikini top, shorts and stockings, and maybe a light jacket. Stay off her bad side, bribe her with beer, and prepare for a fun night of exorcisms.



Ayuko Hayami - Golden Boy

She goes from Olympic medalist to hardened swim coach and is the queen of the pool. Ayuko starts off as a very harsh swim instructor.

The protagonist is instantly enamored by her hard persona and does everything he can be around her. She is initially dismissive of his immaturity but accepts his challenge to a swimming competition.

If he wins, she acknowledges him as a swim instructor, but if she wins, he becomes her slave for a year. For some, losing doesn’t sound like a bad deal if it means serving a beauty like her.

Tanned athletic body, short-styled black hair, and absolutely kills it in a one-piece swimsuit. She otherwise dresses very simply, sometimes donning a leather jacket. She may be quick to anger and won’t hesitate to beat you senseless, but she genuinely has a good heart and a true passion for swimming.



Irina Jelavić - Assassination Classroom

Here she is, the blonde bombshell assassin, the femme fatale, turned into a language arts teacher. She was initially sent to the school to kill Koro-sensei, but after her seduction fails and the students reject her, she’s forced to take a different approach and starts teaching in earnest.

That doesn’t mean she’s lost her edge. Bubbly one moment, hardened killer the next, she’s quick-thinking, ruthless, and unbelievably sexy. With her wavy blond hair, blue eyes, busty physique, and flattering clothing, she can charm any man up until she pulls the trigger.

That said, she has a surprisingly childish side, prone to selfish outbursts, and pouts when she doesn’t get her way. She’s especially childish whenever the students talk back or call her “Ms. Bitch.” Enroll in her class and have a good time, just not too good.



Nemuri Kayama - My Hero Academia

The pro hero who pushed the boundaries of hero costumes, who’s not afraid to tease and squeal over her youthful charges. The outfit says it all.

Her dominatrix get-up bears everything and is oddly appropriate given her role as teacher and her occasional sadistic tendencies. It’s also functional, as a small tear is all it takes for her to activate her Quirk where her skin emits a sleep-inducing aroma.

Her wild spiky waist-length hair, sharp blue eyes, and beauty mark complete the ensemble. Despite her outward appearance, she’s a hopeless romantic, often gushing over the acts of youth displayed by her students and she can be caring and insightful when she wants to be.

All in all, she’s just very comfortable with her sexuality and isn’t afraid to embrace it. Confident and sexy, She earns her title as the “ R-Rated Hero ”.

Anyone else getting a little hot under the collar? We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to attractive anime characters.

There are so many more sexy teachers out there, so here are a couple of honorable mentions. Tsunade from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. A quintessential mentor character with a bust to match her strength. Sakie Sato from Interviews with Monster Girls. On the surface, she appears very plain, but being a succubus, well, let that speak for itself.

Then there’s the whole extended cast of Why the Hell Are You Here, Teacher. Ecchi hijinks and attractive women. You do the math. Which anime teacher do you think is the sexiest?

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