10 Scary Horror Anime That Will Keep You Up At Night

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We are going to discuss our Top 10 Scary Horror Anime selection that will keep you up at night or at least mess with your appetite.


To start with our list we have “ Uineko When They Cry “, although it has when they cry in the title and it belongs to the same franchise it doesn’t have anything in relation to psychopathic village children. Umineko is about an immensely wealthy family that holds an annual meeting to discuss the financial matters of their family.

Umineko When They Cry Anime

However, the family head falls ill and as he’s on his death’s bed he instigates a black magic ritual, because why die peacefully when you can still frick with people. Anyway, soon after his family arrives on the island a typhoon strikes the island trapping everyone on it and the mansion becomes a scene for multiple unexplained gruesome murders


In our next entry, we have an anime about a small girl with telekinetic powers which I’m sure almost all of you already saw or at least familiar with the clip of her ripping spins while n#ked, but on the off chance, there is someone out there that doesn’t know it here’s a quick rundown.

Elfen Lied Anime
Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied follows Lucy – A diclinous (special human breed) with small horns on her head who falls victim to many inhumane governmental tests because of her special telekinetic powers. As circumstances would wish she escapes her captivity however after years of torture and tests her psyche got a heavy toll turning her into a merciless killing machine. This gore-filled anime will surely have your stomachs turning and if this won’t do the trick the next anime on the list sure will.



This series defies the saying that death is the end, for Kei Kurono it was only the beginning as he dies he is awake in a room with a giant black ball only to discover he is in a game of life or death the rules are simple… kill the robots and green aliens while not getting killed yourself, sounds lame and overdone right? WRONG this anime is not for those faint of heart, it has scenes of gore, violence, guts flying everywhere, and the cherry on top portrayals of greed and the ugliness we face each day in our society. My only advice for you is to proceed with caution


As some of you know transferring to a new middle school can be intimidating on it’s own, you have a new system to get a custom to, new teachers to get used to, and new class asshole to ignore, and this anime is all about that, but they do kick thing up a notch by putting a curse on the school Main Character transferring to, a curse that will have everyone there killed,

Another Anime
Another Anime

Thus the Main Character will have to fight and be careful in order to survive from random-ass final destination type of unexpected events. Another, got it all gore, jump scares, spirits, creepiness, edge, you name it… Oh and by the way, you will NEVER look at umbrellas the same way again.


Memories Katsuhiro Otomo

This next entry is a special one on this list, it’s a movie that consists of three standalone movies each with its own story, world, and atmosphere. These stories range from Hallucinations in space to crazy kids wanting to bomb something,

Memories Anime

However, these movies have one thing in common, they will keep you on guard and get you jumping out of your seats, it is a fun watch and will keep you up at night.


Ever since I was a kid I was told bunnies are meant to be cuddly, soft, and cute well this anime throws all that out of the window as it introduces you to giant rabbits that will literally make a human smoothie out of you to drink, and if that doesn’t satisfy them they will pluck your head, eat like a cherry

Blood C Anime
Blood C Anime Cover

While your spin is still attached of course (how about that as an image in your head). What I’m trying to say, in this show you will get monsters, a shitload of blood, screaming, and lots of gruesome deaths, so it’s safe to say Blood C is not for the faint of heart so watch at your discretion.


Parasite Anime Cover

Just imagine that your hand now hosts an alien inside it that can transform into a literal instrument of death takes the joy out of nutting doesn’t it, This is the situation of Shinichi Izumi is living after migi the parasyte wasn’t able to infiltrate his mind and got stuck in Izumi hand

Parasyte Anime

That forced them into a deadly alliance which both parties have to work together in order to survive whilst battling other parasites that completely took over their host


And to think that telling stories was harmless huh! This anime is all about telling eerily creepy and heart-wrenching stories with even more question marks surrounding the storyteller, and who he is. And to think that telling stories was harmless huh!

Yami Shibai Anime
Yami Shibai Anime Cover

This anime is all about telling eerily creepy and heart-wrenching stories with even more question marks surrounding the storyteller, and who he is ?, The stories he tells kids about are nothing less than a horror movie and to make it even more uncomfortable for the poor souls he uses a kamishibai a traditional paper-scrolling device that adds visuals to the already demented narration of his, like as if the story itself wasn’t spine chilling enough, talk about a try hard.


From the New World Anime Cover

The story follows 12-year-old Saki who just awakened her psychic powers and joins the school of gifted children, accompanied by her friends and a boy whom she shows interest in. All in all, life is pretty chill for her, until she starts to delve into the secrets of the school and question the fate of the students who end up unable to awaken their psychic powers.

Shinsekai Yori Anime

To her and her friends, it’s a story about a journey of coming of age and looking for truths hidden behind many doors guarded by the dark reality of the society they live in. I watched 4 episodes and couldn’t go anymore at the time as it was getting dark and I wasn’t in the mood, I will definitely visit the show again.


I mean you saw it coming, I saw it coming, What more can I say about this anime more than what it’s reputation carries. Cute little girls? Huh! you wish these little girls are even more psychotic than maximum security prisoners stuck in a never-ending loop. Our heroes?

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Horror
Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

If you can call that descent into sheer and utter madness trying to break the chain of fate trapping them in the same day over and over heroic then I guess yes… but actually no. Like previously mentioned titles when they cry, guarantees a total blood bath with lots of screaming, crying, and heart-wrenching scenes that will have you consider the mental state of the person sitting beside you for days, but you already know that

And with this, we conclude our list for today. Hope you enjoyed our 10 entries and have plans to watch one of the anime series from this list. As always, be safe, have fun and get your WEEB ON!!

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