Top 10 Underrated Anime That Are Actually Good

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Hello Everyone! Welcome to a new day with a new list to discuss. As we all know every year 100’s of anime series are being released, sadly, some take the light spot and all the attention while others fall off the radar as if they weren’t even released.

It is worth noting that sometimes some anime that fall off the radar are way better than others than the popular ones. In today’s list, we are going to count down the Top 10 Underrated Anime That Are Actually Good but didn’t have a chance to shine.


Sengoku Basara

In Japan during the Sengoku Period, an era of clans and parties warring with each other for the dream of unifying Japan under one central government. A Warlord going by the name of Oda Nobunaga seems to be the closest one to realize this dream by being in possession of the military strength and financial resources needed to do so. Shingen Takeda and his trusted warrior Yukimura Sanada led one of the main clans standing in the face of the overwhelming forces of Oda Nobunaga in hopes of stopping him and ending his tyrannical rule.

One day general Sanada is sent out to lead a sneak attack on general Kenshin Uesugi, However Sanada’s attempt is thwarted by Masamune Date and his army. Both parties fought into a stalemate, forging a heated rivalry and admiration between the two commanders. With Nobunaga exerting even more force on the country the two rivals find themselves in a deadly momentarily alliance fighting beside each other to defeat a powerful common enemy.


Nurarihyon no Mago

Being a normal student in High School is tough enough for anyone, So just imagine you being a part-human part-yokai in said school. This is the predicament Rikuo Nura finds himself in, being the young master of the Nura clan didn’t help him either. As the Nura clan was comprised of Yokai of all shapes and sizes, Rikuo loved them all equally and as family members.

However not everyone shared his fondness for these creatures as others saw them as feral beasts and monsters with a lot of blood and slaughter tied to their history. If that wasn’t complicated enough rival Yokai and other entities rise to take the stage threatening all Yokai and now it’s up to Rikuo to acknowledge his ancestral lineage and protect his family and clan. This anime has action and adventure but still retaining it’s own twist and feel it is a nice anime to watch and deserves more credit than what it was given.


91 days

You can’t expect to grow into an upstanding citizen if you were born in a town called Lawless, now can you? This is the town ruled by the Vanetti mafia family, Angelo Lagusa witnesses the slaughter of his parents and younger brother at the hands of said mafia. Losing all he ever held dear in a glimpse he escapes Lawless hoping for a new start and a clean slate even going as far as changing his name adopting the persona of Avilio Bruno.

Seven years pass and Avilio receives a mysterious letter urging him to return to Lawless as it was finally his chance to avenge his family’s death. Avilio doesn’t waste a chance at revenge and returns to Lawless befriending Nero, The son of the Vanetti don, 91 Days is a journey of bloodstain and slaughter on the path of vengeance as he slowly ends all those who had hand in his family’s Deaths.


assassin pride

The city-state of Flandore is the last refuge for the human race after being almost driven to extinction at the hands of beasts that thrive in the night going by the name of Lycanthropes. City of Flandore being the last safe haven for humans suffers from many problems, The most prominent one being the utterly clear distinction between nobles and common folk.

Melida Angel a 13-year-old noble has yet to manifest her mana, and attends an elite academy where she is mistreated and shunned by her classmates for being unable to use her powers. To help her manifest her powers the Angel family enlist Kufa Vampir to instruct her, However the true motives of the Angel family in enlisting him where to assassinate Melida the moment he comes to a conclusion that she doesn’t possess mana.

Kufa’s investigation reaches the conclusion that Melida must be eliminated, However watching her determination and strength in battle trying to manifest her powers makes him go against his directives and his guild and offers her a new way to manifest her mana through. Keeping the secret of Melida’s problem however won’t be a simple task, Instead it proves to be a challenging task and nuisance for them both as unseen trouble lay in wait for them just right around the corner.


Code Breaker

Surprise surprise yet another anime main character starring as a transfer student that suddenly becomes the talk of the school and most popular person in it. However, the only one who truly know the truth of Rei Oogami is the cheerful and delicate Sakura Sakurakouji with martial arts skill and a sense of fairness that never falters no matter the odds.

The night before Rei transferred, she sees him burning some thugs in the park with blue flames coming out of his hands. She even called the cops and was surprised that there were no signs of scorches or any remains of burned bodies either. Later she discovers that Rei is what is called as “ Code Breaker ” in other words someone that doesn’t exist. Rei enforces his sense of justice wielding his power of “an eye for an eye”, now Sakura is determined to deliver Rei from his ways before someone gets hurt in the process.


Yet another post apocalyptic setting after a global ecological catastrophe doomed the planet transforming it into a lifeless wasteland, life outside of the domed city of Romdo became almost impossible. For mankind to try and salvage what is left of their civilization they created “AutoReivs”, humanoid-like robots, created to assist people in their day-to-day life in the city of Romdo.

RE-l Mayer the granddaughter of Romdo’s Ruler is assigned to investigate a strange phenomenon in which AutoReivs are gaining Self-awareness due to an enigmatic disease by the name of “ Cogito Virus ”. Meanwhile Vincent Law an AutoReiv specialist finds his destiny intertwined with that of RE-l Mayer and her helper Iggy as well as a child AutoReiv named Pino. These four will form an unlikely faction as they struggle to uncover Romdo’s mysteries and ultimately, discover the true purpose of the mythical beings called “Proxies”.

PS – It’s available on Netflix too, So if you looking for anime that you can watch on Netflix give it a try


death parade

If someone came and told you that after death you are sent to a bar would you believe it? Well, in this world that’s exactly what happens after you die, a person is introduced to Quindecim where the arbiter Decim lays in wait to subject the arrivals to games of fate that will decide whether they will be reincarnated or sent to oblivion.

The games are familiar to everyone too as they range from bowling, darts, air hockey, or anything in between. No matter how a person tries to hide his true nature and intentions, these games are designed to reveal them. Decim then wagers their actions in the games and forthwith gives his judgement to the souls of whether it would be banishment or reincarnation awaiting them.

However, When Decim meets a young black-haired girl his decisions become more susceptible to her opinions creating an unprecedented change in the arbiter causing him to question his rulings. This anime has a lot of depth and character development although it’s episodes are few, It was still able to captivate the audience and make them sympathize and feel with the characters even if they were featured for a single episode only.



The simple reason Hamatora is overlooked and underrated is that it shares a lot of similarities with another more fan acclaimed and well-known anime that we will name later on. In a world where miracles exist as a gift manifesting in a limited number of people, “ Minimum Holders ” or people possessing unique supernatural powers exist.

The detective Agency Yokohama Troubleshooting, or Hamatora for short, is formed of the “ Minimum Holder PI Duo ” Nice and Murasaki. Agency though is a big word for these two as their supposed “office” is comprised of a table at café Nowhere. A baffling case of a killer targeting only Minimum Holders grabs the interest of the duo and coincidentally it is the same killer their cop friend Art is tracking down.

For those who didn’t tie the knots and link the loose ends together yet to figure out why this anime was overlooked I will tell you this “ Bungo Stray Dogs ” exists. Popular? Yes. Anime about people with powers? Yes. Detective agency? Heck Yes. Simply put Hamatora has a great story and action-packed battles but it just wasn’t enough to compete with Bungo Stray Dogs with 3 seasons and a movie under it’s belt.


Mahoutsukai no Yome

Being enslaved and sold to the highest bidder in an auction can be hard and terrifying for a 15-year-old girl, however Chise Hatori was prepared to give herself in to anyone as long as she can have a place to call home. Shunned by her friends and mistreated for her unconventional behavior Chise had a rough childhood to say the least, When sold for five million pounds to a tall masked gentleman she hears robed people whispering how he won an exquisite and rare “ Sleigh Beggy ”.

To know what this expression means you will have to watch the show and discover for yourself. After a sequence of teleportation Chise finds herself in front of a small cozy cottage in rural England. Surrounded by many magical beings and creatures the one that bought her reveals that his name is Elias Ainsworth-a magus. These events are what sets the story of Chise in motion as she becomes the apprentice and supposed bride of the ancient magus.


Land of the Lustrous

Just imagine being killed and shattered just to be used for decorations yeesh. In this series two races exist, The Gems inhabiting a world destroyed by seven meteors, And the lunarians the ones hunting them down to shatter them and use them as decoration. Phosphophyllite, or Phos for short is a fragile gem that wants to help in the war efforts.

However, Being as fragile as he is Phos is sent off to compile an encyclopedia which leads to the fated meeting of Cinnabar an intelligent gem relegated to patrolling the isolated island outskirts at night due to a corrosive poison they release. Now it’s up to Phos and Cinnabar to find roles for them to be useful in the war effort against the Lunarians.

Sadly, this anime doesn’t have a season 2. We’re hoping that the Orange Studio will release S2 soon. We have also discussed this anime in another article where we have talked about some anime that need more seasons. Feel free to check that out.

With that, we conclude our list hope you guys enjoyed this list as much as we enjoyed making it for you. If you do plan on watching or already watched any of the anime mentioned, please write in the comments down below with your experience with it and whether it deserves to included on this list or not.

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