The 10 Best Anime Series On Netflix Right Now

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Let me guess. You’re looking for series to binge watch, looking to pull off those ‘all nighters. But you’re having a hard time. You don’t know what those 10 series should be since wasting all those hours watching an anime where, at the very end, everyone dies is just meh. Akame Ga Kill, I’m watching you. Fret not.

I’m here to help you with some recommendations and I’ll be listing the Netflix ones since we like to keep it simple and easy here. So, get your notepads ready for the recommendations are just about to roll in!


Want some macho guys going at each other, featuring all kinds of different fighting styles, no holds barred, anything goes? Then Kengan Asura is just the thing for you! With so many fighters going all out, blending in with that CGI that would make you literally ‘feel’ every punch that lands, every kick that connects, it’s the perfect modern anime for anyone who’s just in it for the combat.


Having that bizarre of a plot, making no sense whatsoever. A story like that is about to go down the drain soon, no? NO. NEVER. Assassination Classroom is perfect to live an ‘ideal’ school life if you didn’t have one yourself. Featuring one of the best teachers anime has ever seen, get ready to fall in love with each and every character and cry your heart out when the series is close to it’s termination.


It’s always a pleasant surprise to see all these new ideas, all these new stories come to life. Violet Evergarden is a show unlike one you’ve ever seen before. Having one of the best and one of the most beautiful animations out there, the show hits you with a lot as you dive deeper into what it’s all about.


What? Mecha anime has never been your thing? Well, that’s cause you’ve never watched Evangelion. The show is just the best psychological mind fuck experience you could ask for. Humongous robots going at each other while characters being consumed by what’s been going on in their surroundings, it’s just a lot to take in on your first go. But at the very same time it’s an experience you’ve never had before, making it a show that you won’t forget for an eternity to come.


Romance is cheesy and cringe? Think again, cause this show is the living example of how the same old beautiful romance still exists in this day and age. Dialogues that would melt your heart in an instant, make your heart flutter from the get go, your chest vibrating inside out, Your Lie in April is just a music and romance combo that no other show in the same genre even comes close to.


Want more Death Note? Code Geass, safe to say, is the closest thing to Death Note you can find as far as anime is concerned. Get ready to see a boy overthrow the whole empire using the power in his eyes, well basically one eye alone cause the plot is one that would make Lelouch one of the top 3 names in your ‘most op characters of all time’.


The super hit show from last year, a title that gave birth to one of the most cringe fan base communities on the internet. But I won’t lie, the show’s worth all it’s praise and adoration for it’s just everything done perfectly.


The video games weren’t enough, right? Even more now that we haven’t had a new one in ages and Bloodstained doesn’t have Simon or any of the Belmont’s in it. The anime is perfect to see the Castlevania universe up and close cause it doesn’t hold back any punches when it comes to the execution and delivery required to make an anime stand out.


Anime of the year, you know the show’s something else. Marking the return of a series that was long forgotten in addition to giving it a reboot, Devilman Crybaby would surely have been the best anime on Netflix if we didn’t have the following entry, the best ever, sharing the same platform.


Best anime of all time for a reason. Alchemy presented in a way that would make you want to know more about the devil’s art, the show features characters and plot twists that are just too good to say the very least. It’s a must watch whether you’re an anime fan or not cause it’s perfect, literally perfect.

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