These 10 Anime That Definitely Need More Seasons

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Let me guess, You were just so hooked on a show to the point you binged it in an instant. However, as soon as you finished your good time and went on to look up for the sequel because surely they can’t end the whole series on a cliffhanger, but to your surprise nothing came up, that’s my lady’s and gents is a typical studio behavior.

You know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the shows that get the drifters treatment, the ” No Game No Life “ treatment. I’m talking about those fan-favorite shows which were so good that their return would screw 90% of the ‘new’ anime out there. I don’t know about you but these 10 shows have to return to bask in the spotlight they made brighter back in their day


Houseki no Kuni

We begin the list with the best CGI of 2017 land of the lustrous, and not only it was the best for its year but also one of the best CGI anime of all time. Being one of the most unique shows of 2017, land of the lustrous showed all these ” Big Studios “ how actual ‘good CGI’ looks like, Animated by Studio Orange.

Featuring characters you’ll fall in love with, over and over again in addition to a story that makes you question everything more than just a couple of times, It’s truly a show that deserves a second season, heck even a third season, it works for all genders, if you are a feminine gal who likes jewelry then it’s for you, if you are an open-minded cultured boi then you will love the characters which are basically rocks and probably would unlock a new fetish


The Devil is a Part Timer!

Never did I think I’d see Satan getting my order at the local McDonald’s which makes you reconsider what their whole brand stands for while ordering a happy meal. Whether you are religious, atheist or anything in between this show makes you a fan of Satan in no time, in a good way, not in an ” I will eat your baby’s and make love to a goat way”.

This anime doesn’t hold back any punches, literally, I mean did you see how Maou slapped the living hell out of lucifer he clapped him so hard his sins ran away and became good, these over the top moments what makes devil is a part-timer a good comedy, making you feel enthralled by the setting despite it featuring not much of a ‘story’. If you are like me and want to know after that sick last episode, how the world and everything changed then do show



A personal favorite of mine despite the ending, Gangsta is mafia-like you ain’t seen before. And let’s be honest here, the opening already had us play the song on repeat. Main characters Worick and Nicolas are without a doubt the most badass duo of the year giving tags a whole new meaning especially
With their one hell of a backstory. The anime blended in the whole gangster
theme and twisted it, making their own ‘ gangsta ‘ style hit the screen every
other week. The last episode had a lot going on, popping lots of question
marks in our heads which raises the need and absolute necessity for it to
come back! But as most of us who searched if there will be a second season
or not, knows Gangsta will never be back because the studio is sadly



If I had to describe Hyoka in one sentence it would be (Sherlock Holmes in
school) and we sure did want to see more of that. Making the best use of
what Kyoto Animation has to offer, Hyouka was nothing short of being
literally ‘cocaine’ to the eyes, I’m sorry for my bad examples, but you had to
know how beautiful it was. Chitanda with her curiosity and Houtarou making the most of what we have in our heads, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most notable works from the studio and something that needs to return



2018 and all of a sudden we had this show that not many people knew about, and before you comment (I know about it, so as my friend, and lots of other people, it’s quite popular actually) well yeah, that’s why I said it in the past term. Hinamatsuri was the best 2018 Comedy as I remember, it took comedy to the next level, making us roll on the floor with laughter. A series you can’t help but watch in one sitting since the show just kept making our faces light up with the best smile out there. I miss those laughs and want to experience them once more in a completely new way.



Now you might not have laughed all the way through Barakmon, but you
sure did smile from the first sec till the last. Calligraphy was never my thing, but Barakamon showed me just how impactful and mesmerizing it can be, and it didn’t stop at just that, it also showcased how beautiful the
countryside of Japan can be. It also brought a lot of characters that we want
to know more about and how they go on their day to day livelihood in the old countryside. Barkamon must, no, Barkamon needs to return for another
season especially after all the things that we went through in 2020, we need
to see Naru’s adventures and those ‘caricatures’ again and again and again, to heal our beaten up souls.



I mean for frick sake it’s Yato! Take my 5-yen coin, take my thousands of 5 yen coins, and just make the anime come back. Look! I’m ready to fly to Japan just to get those ‘ancient versions’ . That’s how passionate I’m for this show. And if log horizon and world trigger came back from 2014 why can’t Noragami come back. Please note. I don’t have the amount of money to do that, but with your help we can make this happen Also note that if we did mass the money I will probably buy food with it to eat, so either ways you are helping a good cause


Classroom of the Elite

This show is the perfect rumors machine, anime wise and IRL wise. Besides it playing a part in the anime giving a mysterious vibe, rumors around
Classroom of the elite second season had us scratching our heads. It made
Assassination Classroom look nothing but a bunch of kids playing tag, don’t
get me wrong Assassination Classroom is one of my all-time favorites but you gotta admit, Classroom of the elite maturity gave assassination Classroom a run for its money. No one knows for sure when it’s returning but it’s sure to come back, I can feel it in my bones, it is coming back… I hope



The most unique storytelling style out there as far as anime is concerned, I
freakin Loved the setting. Delivering alchemy at it’s best while making sure
the story stays interesting all the time. This decade-year-old anime needs to
come back to tie up all those loose ends.


Hunter X Hunter

And finally the myth, the legend, and one of the reasons you started watching anime, Hunter x Hunter. Now I want you to sit down put your hands together and pray to god for another season, come on together now, sit down, put your hand in a begging position, and pray for the new season to come soon, and I say soon because, as far as I know there is some conformed info that new season is arranged to be done and the creator himself said the anime covered 70% of the story If I’m not mistaken.

And since a big Shonen name like Bleach is coming back why a bigger name like Hunter x Hunter wouldn’t come back? I’ll tell why… Its because the writer or the people behind the show are sleeping on it, and if we are being honest here I used to curse them just like you my deer desperate fam, but after I learned the creator suffer from back issues I bite my tongue and just pray that I live to see day that anime ends in a proper way

And by that we have completed our list, We hope you liked our suggestions & If you agree with our list then don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below, follow us Twitter daily news-related stuff and get your WEEB ON

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