Best Iconic Moments In Anime That Give You Goosebumps Every Time

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Hello, Everyone! Welcome to another list where we have covered some of the best is of iconic moments in anime, There are some anime in history that had moments when villains or main characters went beyond their limit and surprised the audience with what they could do and achieve.

Keep in mind this isn’t a Top 10 List, so they are not ranked in any way. If you disagree with my list feel free to comment.



For those unfamiliar with the name Saiba, He is the father of Souma Joichiro from the anime Food Wars. Saiba was a prominent talented student that had the other student jealous of his talent which led those students to challenge him. The first overkill takes part when Saiba decides to fight all 50 of them on his own. He wins the first 3 rounds with ease.

Saiba Joichiro

However feeling bored by the nonexistent competition, He urges them to all come at him at the same time just to defeat them all with one fell swoop earning the nickname of Shura (The Demon) since that day onward.


Jotaro Vs Dan
Jotaro Vs Dan Fight

All JoJo fans know how well deserved this beating was and how much of an overkill it was. Steele Dan had his stand to invade the brain of Joseph Joestar and threatened to kill him If Jotaro didn’t do all he wants. With the rest of the company trying to find a way to rid Joseph of that stand, Jotaro was being subjected to numerous humiliations by Dan.

However, We later find out that it all was at a grave cost for Jotaro had been writing in his notebook all that he owes to Dan from humiliation to culminate into one of the longest and most Powerful series of ORA ORA’s in the series history Smashing Dan’s face into a pulp.



In a friendly competition what more could spell overkill than paralyzing your competitor with a giant ice mountain making him unable to take any action. That was exactly what Todoroki did in his fight with Sero. As soon as the whistle announced the beginning of the match, Todoroki gave Sero less than a millisecond to react before incapacitating him in the ice mountain, winning the match too, obviously.

Todoroki vs Sero

Even the commentator said it was such an unnecessary overkill.


Roy Mustang Brotherhood
Roy Mustang Vs Envy And Lust

One of my favorite characters in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is, without a doubt, Roy Mustang. He’s known for his badass powers and attitude. Roy is a user of the unique and powerful flame alchemy, battling the sins and seeking revenge for the death of his friend Hughes Roy in a fit of rage incinerates lust until nothing remains of her and even while she disappeared into nothingness.

He was still attacking her with his alchemy. However, the real overkill was when he fought envy the one accountable for Hughes’s death Roy kept hitting envy with a barrage of his flame alchemy attacks incinerating its body revealing it’s weak and true worm-like form. Roy wasn’t done with envy yet though.

As he stepped envy and prepared his final attack to avenge his friend his Lieutenant Riza aimed her gun at him in an attempt to stop his unstoppable rage all whilst envy begged and cried for it’s life.


Gon Vs Pitou.

Who could’ve thought that three simple words in a children’s game could become such a deadly weapon? Pitou, one of the strongest chimera ants, kills Gon and Killua’s friend who stayed behind to give them time to escape, so brutally that it kept a scar in the very soul of Gon. In his later encounter with Pitou, Gon goes berserk to score not only one of the most brutal overkills in anime but also one of the scariest rage transformations in anime.

Hunter x Hunter Adult Gon

He overpowers Pitou easily and smashes her left and right. With Pitou’s body in pieces, Gon keeps on attacking her with his Rock, Paper, Scissor technique until her head is no more.

The headless Pitou strikes Gon dismembering his right arm, however, that doesn’t stop him as he slams his severed arm into her and releases one final attack with tears flowing out of his eyes. Remorse was full of the monster he has become killing Pitou once and for all.


Saitama Punch
Saitama Consecutive Punch Gif

Saitama lives up to his name of One Punch Man as all he needs to destroy an opponent is a single punch. However, in some cases, Saitama goes for the overkill dealing multiple consecutive punches eradicating anyone that was unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end.

Even Boros, a galaxy-level villain was torn into pieces with that attack and would’ve been vanished into nothingness if not for his godlike regenerative abilities.


Dragon Ball King Cold Vs Trunks

Frieza getting his ass kicked on named by Goku wasn’t enough for him to learn his lesson as he went to dear old dad, King Cold, and got himself a new half mechanical body to exact revenge on the earth Saiyans. Little did Frieza know that there was another Super Saiyan looming around waiting for a chance to let loose. With the absence of Goku who was still on Yardrat.

Trunks was the only candidate to fight Frieza since also attained the super Saiyan form. Trunks make quick work of Frieza goons as well as king cold then cuts Frieza into a million pieces with his sword. Trunks showing no restraint against the tyrant whatsoever proceeds in unleashing his signature burning attack at the remaining pieces of Frieza turning him into literal ash.


Yugi Vs Weevil

One of the most iconic overkills in history goes to Yugioh the Atlantis Arc. In this fight, the pharaoh is facing off against Weevil on the top of a speeding train which sounds totally safe if you ask me. What led to the pharaoh losing his cool was Weevil taunting him and saying that the soul of Yugi is in the card he holds that he later proceeds in tearing apart breaking the Pharaoh psyche to no return.

Enraged at the loss of the one card able to save Yugi’s Soul. The Pharaoh, activates a berserker soul on his monster that allows him to draw and keep drawing and if it’s a monster he can send it to the grave and attack with that monster rinse and repeat, giving us the iconic DRAW MONSTA CARDO scene.

The pharaoh keeps drawing monsters and attacking Weevil till his life points are reduced to zero and though weevil was defeated and the seal of Orichalcus already began to suck his soul. Yugi didn’t relent from his attacks. It was only when Tea grabbed him by the hand screaming that it’s over urging him to stop did he come back to the world of rationality realizing what he did.


Ichigo Vs Ulquiorra

It all went wrong the moment Ichigo lost the battle against Ulquiorra and laid lifelessly on the ground next to Inoue with a hollow-like hole in his chest. As Ulquiorra grabbed Inoue detaining her again something cracked in Ichigo and released a new demonic form of him, later to be called Vasto Lorde Ichigo.

Ichigo Vs Ulquiorra Gif

Ulquiorra even with his Ressurecione-Form stood powerless against this form as Ichigo threw him left and right attacking him in a rage and shooting Cero’s without restraint. After the fall of Ulquiorra and admitting his defeat with Ichigo having literally ripped him into pieces Vasto Lorde Ichigo doesn’t stop at that but in a hollow remorseless and unrestrained fashion releases a powerful Cero on him point black destroying what was left of him fading into nothing.

It was only Inoue that was able to awaken Ichigo from this monstrous form and bring him back to his calm and normal condition.


5 Kages Naruto Shippuden

Look guys, I am really sorry if anyone is pissed with Madara being in literally 90% of my lists, but seriously, can you blame me? He is so powerful the author probably couldn’t find a possible way to get rid of him except by the betrayal of Black Zetsu. Madara is undoubtedly the strongest shinobi in that war.

Madara Vs Shinobi Alliance Gif

He flexes his power by fighting a complete army with only taijutsu and then proceeds to dismantle the higher ups with his meteors. But the real overkill happened against the 5 Kage’s fighting him and his Kage Bunshin no Jutsu proved challenging enough for the 5, But Madara wasn’t satisfied by that alone.

To make them fall into even more despair to realize how futile resistance was Madara went for the overkill as he summoned his Susanoo giving it to each of his Bunshin as well. Destroying all 5 of them in mere minutes and winning the battle without breaking a sweat.

And with this, we conclude our list. Hope you enjoyed and had fun reading it. And as usual, if you have anything to add from your favorite anime overkills write them down in the comment section below. Be safe and GET YOUR WEEB ON!

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