Mappa Studios Deserves More Respect And Here’s Why !

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Today’s list will be a little different from our usual lists. Mappa Studios have been subjected lately so much criticism and waves of hatred from the fans of the trending anime Attack On Titan.

All the Mappa anger and rage started when the trailer of the final season came out and with it the news that Mappa will take over instead of WIT Studios. Diehard fans of WIT started comparing each and every single episode made by Mappa Studios to its counter-part WIT with a lot of hate for the studio and hurtful remarks about how the animation is “ BAD ”.

That is why in today’s list we will discuss why Mappa Studios don’t deserve all the fan-hate they are being subjected to as well as some of the other amazing anime series Mappa was responsible for animating.

Since the release of the first episode of Attack on Titan Season 4.
Mappa have been subjected to so much hate and rage towards the “ Bad Animations for some it was the new darker colors, for some it was how Eren Yeager’s Titan changed it’s looks and for others it was the fact that Mappa Studios are the one animating the series instead of WIT.

After the end of Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 WIT studios dropped animating the series, Mappa studios took over saving the series from cancellation. Mappa Studios had only 8 months to animate the long awaited final AOT season. Working day and night on animating AOT as well as many other series Mappa were responsible of, Miraculously they made it in time to release the first AOT episode on time just to be met with a lot of hate for the new animations.

Attack on Titan Season 4

The new darker colors work amazingly good with the new darker story and atmosphere of the final season. The animations of Eren’s Eyes titan form also caused a lot of backlash in the fanbase, whether it was losing his shiny eyes or the sharpened teeth of his titan, Mappa were genius to go that path of animating Eren.

Eren’s Eyes titan form

After the 5 years time skip Eren wasn’t the same boy we knew in Season 3 that dreamt of reaching the sea. Eren is now a battle-hardened soldier that acknowledged the fact that there is no reasoning with Marley. They view Eldians as demons and can’t change how they view them as if it was embedded in their very own DNA structure.

Eren knows what has to be done, However that doesn’t stop him from dreading it and hating what he is becoming and this is portrayed in his lifeless eyes. As for Eren’s titan form, It looked so much more ferocious and monstrous than previous seasons especially with his teeth sharpened this genius move by Mappa shows just how much Eren’s mentality has changed during those years as the user mentality affects the titan form itself.

However, The real elephant in the room was the paused shot of Mikasa’s Face in Episode 6. A lot of fans began to compare Mikasa’s face to other male anime characters most memorable one that got trending was comparing her to Baki Hanma from the fighting anime Baki.

Anime watchers know the hidden rule of “ Not Pausing Anime ”, Yes, I am looking at you Naruto fans especially in Naruto vs Pain battle we all know how jumbled up the animations can get and this moment was one of them.

naruto pain funny face

Mappa Studios worked day and night nonstop to deliver a stunningly animated show and in my own opinion every episode Mappa doesn’t disappoint. The animations and transitions are flawless keeping in mind how much time Mappa had on their hands to animate the series.

And Episode 7 was breathtakingly stunning it had incredible scenes amazing transitions, As well as the out of this world battle choreography. Mappa deserves much more respect than they are given, The fanbase is being toxic and hostile to the studio for no reason at all. The studio saved AOT Season 4 from being cancelled and if that’s not enough you can check the IMDB and expert critics opinions and ratings of the episodes.

Some of the most breathtaking animated series made by Mappa also include


gojo satoru

This series has been the talk of all Shonen anime fans since the release of its first episode. On every anime news platform you can find that Jujutsu Kaisen is trending, Whether for its animations or for the plot Jujutsu Kaisen never failed to be the talk of the community. It got even more trending worldwide after Gojo Satoru revealed his eyes, His fight was a pleasure to watch however Gojo’s incredible eyes were what really stole the show and caused a rampage on all social media platforms.


One of the overlooked anime series of Mappa is the visually stunning series of Rage of Bahamut. The series didn’t seem too special at first but what raised red flags about it was the fact that it was tied to a video game with the same name. However, The escalating stakes and the nice art and world design completely surpassed expectations creating an anime to remember.


This show can describe as timeless, it doesn’t matter the age or year Dororo is always a good anime to watch. Dororo took place in feudal japan following the story of a young child and Hyakimaru a boy missing a lot of his body parts, They embark on a journey of survival and demon hunting in an effort for Hyakimaru to retrieve one of his organs for every demon he finishes off.


It is a dark show and not for everyone to watch the era itself can’t get any darker as well as the fights with the demons and the stunning world they venture into. The animations and the well-choreographed fights are breathtaking and stunning to say it mildly.



Who would’ve thought that an anime about card games and gambling with your own freedom as a human being on the line could be that visually stunning!? Yet again Mappa Studios stun the audience by animating Kakegurui, becoming one of their best works visually speaking especially when portraying the eyes and insanity of the main character of the series Yumeko Jabami.

Mappa Studios even go out of their way to make her more appealing and insane with the transitions and angles they use in the animation concentrating on the facial expressions of the characters in the animated series.

Other Series Made By Mappa Also Include :

  • Hajime no Ippo : Rising (2013)
  • Garo: The Carved Seal of Flames (2014)
  • Yuri!!! On Ice (2016)
  • Inuyashiki (2017)
  • Banana Fish (2017)
  • As well as Chainsaw Man a long-awaited manga being adapted this year by Mappa.

This list was made just to show how much effort Mappa Studios are putting in their work and how many masterpieces they have already produced. So as a personal plea to the fanbase of AOT, please give Mappa studios the respect they deserve for all their efforts and hard work.

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