Places In Japan That Can Be Seen In Anime Too

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As a human, I sure would like to go and see the world, but as a weeb, I feel morally obliged to visit the holy land of ” Japan “. Today, we’ll be looking at places of pilgrimage in which the average otaku as myself would like to visit aka anime places that you can visit in real life.

These Are Some Of Place That You Need To Visit!

  • Akihabara – Time machine from Steins: Gate

Near the train station of “Akihabara” you will find ” Radio Kaikan “, the place where the time machine from “Steins;Gate” appears and stays lodged throughout the show, and where Okarin and Kurisu bump into each other at the end of the show. A friendly tip, after taking some pics near the building why not hop inside the building as it has several anime shops, don’t know about you, but posing in front of the building with some Steins Gate swag on me, would be just right.

  • Meiji University in the district of Setagaya, Tokyo – Saitama’s Apartment

Now if you are an active person with the will to explore then good news, there are some cool scattered places around Tokyo for you to search, like “Saitama’s” apartment located near Meiji University in the district of Setagaya, Tokyo. Along the buildings you can enjoy a walk on the streets where the strongest c-class flexed his oppai hoodie

  • Ginza, Tokyo – Lupin Bar from Bungo Stray Dogs

Why not look for a pub to cool down after a long day, and oh boy do I have the place for you mate, bar “Lupin” It is located in “Ginza, Tokyo” where Ango, Dazai, and Sakunosuke from “Bungo Stray Dogs” often hung around and talked. And if you thought an anime bar in life is pretty sick wait to hear this: those characters in the action superpower Anime where real, Yes In the 1950’s, Oda Sakunosuke, Osamu Dazai & Ango Sakaguchi used to drink at Bar Lupin IN REAL FREAKIN LIFE.

  • Suga Shrine, Yotsuya – Stairs : Your Name

Now after drinking yourself to sleep and managing to handle the hangover, hop onto the train station and take the first train to our next location which happens to be from the 2016 hit movie “Your Name”. This holy site is located in “Yotsuya, Tokyo” it’s very easy to find, all you need is to buy yourself a ticket from any station in Tokyo to “Yotsuya” there you will land in the exact same train station where the characters met for the first time, and from there you will stumble upon other places and items adapted in the movies, from little things like signs to whole streets (show some pics from the anime and real life side to side) and to end that anime check-point, we absolutely have to go “Suga Shrine” where the infamous ” Stairs “ are located, pushing that lazy ass to the top of the stairs to take a pic of the view would be the ultimate ending for the “Yotsuya” mission.

  • Toyosato, Shiga Prefecture – Elementary School from K-On
  • Chichibu City – Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
  • Gifu Prefecture, Ogimachi Village – Anime: When They Cry
  • Yakushima Island – UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Ikebukuro – Anime: Durarara

Our wishful journey starts as soon as we land at Tokyo Airport, as such we will begin our virtual-site-seeing in the video below:

Check Out The Video To Know More About It In Detail

We hope you find it helpful. Don’t forget to comment in the section below and let us know which of these places you like you visit someday.

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