Top 10 Live Anime Adaptations That Are Actually Good

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Hello Everyone! Welcome to another Top 10 list. Anime became such a successful business that certain well-known series received Live adaptation movies for certain arcs in the anime long history.

It is notorious that live anime adaptations are well… crappy, however, today’s list is about the best anime adaptations you can hope to watch and no rest assured this list won’t include any Netflix adaptation. So, without further a due let’s dive into today’s list starting at number one with:


Death Note 2006

As I said before rest assured no Netflix Shenanigans here, So won’t be talking about that atrocious adaptation of Death Note.

Instead, We will be talking about the amazing Japanese adaptation the movie had a lot of good scenes in it, but everyone that watched it must admit that the actor portraying the famous weird yet lovable Detective L.

Death Note 2006 Movie

Kenichi Matsuyama studied the character of L and portrayed it perfectly up to his last body cell from his weird nonchalant behavior to the way he sits Kenichi perfected the role and took it to higher levels. Tatsuya Fujiwara starring as Light Yagami/ Kira played his roles perfectly as well, but let’s be honest we watched the movie for L.

If you want to watch Death Note but not in the mood to watch the series the movie makes a good recap of the important events so definitely give it a try.


rurouni kenshin live action

Himura Kenshin an assassin that participated in the Bakumatsu war earning himself the title Hitokiri Battosai, grows weary of the war and abandons it leaving his sword behind. In hopes to atone for his sins in the war he now roams the land and helps the common folk.

Rurouni Kenshin Movie

The movie was released on August 25,2012, in Japan grossing over $36 million in the country and over $60 million worldwide as of November 2012. It’s worth of note that the studio that was responsible for the movie distribution internationally was none other than Warner Bros.

Not to make this entry any longer the actor Takeru Satoh took the character to new heights, and till this day this movie is one of the best anime live adaptations yet.


Bleach Live Action

Bleach live adaptation had no right to be this good, especially with everyone expecting it to be a flop, it surprised all the Japanese audience as well as worldwide as to how good the movie was with on point character portrayals.

The actor Sota Fukushi had Ichigo style copies to its core from his bad boy attitude to his occasional rudeness and concern for his friends up to the smallest detail in Ichigo’s fighting style rocking his signature orange hair too which is a plus.

Ichigo Kurosaki Live Action

Simply put if there is going to be a sequel for this movie with Sota still starring as Ichigo I am ALL IN!!!! You should be too, the moment you start watching the movie you will realize how true to the series Sota was and how much the choreography of the battles was on point to the point of perfection if I’d say so myself.

Ok, Fine maybe I am taking things a bit far as an all-time Bleach fan but seriously you have to watch this movie it’s too good it should be illegal.


Tokyo Ghoul Live Action

Tokyo Ghoul series received a live adaptation movie on July 29, 2017 this movie has a lot of the original material in the series and the manga done right from the powerful Kagune each character possesses, The sheer amount of blood, gore and people being eaten, to brewing coffee.

Tokyo Ghoul Movie 2017

This movie adapted briefly the animated series up to the ending of the Dove arc only, it was able to competently condense the main story of the series at the beginning. However, this movie missed one very crucial factor of the Tokyo Ghoul series which is Kaneki Ken’s Struggle with his humanity and his ghoul side, including his inner dilemma of which side of him to give in to.

As well as the choreography and cinematography of the fights sometimes missing and sometimes on point. Overall, this movie did a good job earning itself a place in this list as one of the better live anime adaptation movies.


Jojo Anime Live Action

This movie adapted the Diamond Is Unbreakable story arc covering the first seventeen chapters of it. The movie was released by Toho and Warner Bros. on August 4, 2017, Starring Kento Yamazaki, and Yusuke Iseya as Josuke Higashikata and Jotaro Kujo. Taken from JoJo fans that watched the movie they all agreed that and I quote “I went to see the live-action JoJo movie” . It was better than I thought it would be.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Movie

The stand battles were particularly good “ It was supremely great! I thought they couldn’t make a live action JoJo, but recently I wanted to go see it, and upon seeing it, it was really enjoyable ”.

The character castings as well were greatly matched as Kento Yamazaki was able to effortlessly portray Josuke Higashikata and Iseya in portraying Jotaro Kujo all fans left the theaters satisfied with the accuracy and respect paid to the manga and screaming and shouting for a sequel to the movie in response to the sort of like a cliff hanger ending the movie ended on.

Final Verdict : This movie is a must for all JoJo fans it is enjoyable and well-done Director Miike went all out on this movie and he didn’t disappoint.


Parasyte Live Action

Just imagine being possessed by a mind controlling parasite that takes control of your whole body erasing your sense of individuality. To make things worse these so-called parasites abduct humans secretly to feast on them like hoarding sheep.

A parasite tries to invade Shinichi Izumi mind, however fails due to his headphones restricting the entry and ends up possessing his right-hand taking control of it being able to change the form of it at will creating a lot of weird shapes and creating weapons for Shinichi to battle the other parasites.

Guess I am safe then as someone that never takes off his headphones in public. The gore in the movie was enough to let it pass as a horror movie as well as the character portrayal being called decent and well-made by fans. In the end Parasyte is a good movie to watch if you’re looking for some fun with gore in it.


Blade Of The Immortal Netflix

Blade Of The Immortal is the live adaptation of a manga series and anime with the same name and it’s also available in Netflix.

The story takes place during the Mid-Tokugawa Shogunate period following the cursed samurai Manji, tasked with killing one thousand evil men in order for him to be free of his curse and regain his mortality.

Blade Of The Immortal Movie

After his criminal actions caused the death of a 100 samurai of which includes his sister’s husband. As expected, this movie has a lot of gore limbs dismemberment and blood splattering everywhere all whilst remaining true to the core story of the wandering samurai. If you’re a fan of that era and samurais then it’s a must watch.


Assassination Classroom Live Action

Kuro is a monstrous powerful entity that was able to destroy the moon and all earthly resistances failed at finishing him off.

Giving humanity a chance Kuro Sensei decides that he will teach a class of students to assassinate him and if they fail within the time limit, He will ruthlessly destroy earth. With the plot out of the way we discuss the live animated adaptation and how much value it was able to hold compared to the original anime series.

Assassination Classroom Live Action Movie

The effects and CGI weren’t half bad to say the least the castings also were on point and of course Kuro Sensei stole the whole show being portrayed as a loving Sensei and an evil entity hell bent on destroying earth.


Alita Battle Angel Movie

Alita being the only western anime adaptation has to say something now doesn’t it? Western adaptations are notorious to how bad they are some examples are Avatar the Last Airbender and the atrocious take on the anime Dragon ball Evolution.

Alita Battle Angel

Alita world is set 500 years after an apocalyptic incident that tore apart the Iron City and covered it with the shadow of the flying citadel of Zalem. Alita: Battle Angel had it all amazing battles, Character development and Growth, Romance, Comedy, Action, Thrill and much more.

The movie sequences shifted throw arcs which is something any fan of the series can easily notice. However, They deserve credit in staying as true to the manga as possible in all it’s details.

Alita Battle Angel Movie Japan

Although this genre is so over used now and depleted due to how many block buster movies of the same genre there is Alita was still able to cut through the ranks to become a block buster as well… well just barely… but as a live anime adaptation that was destined to fail Alita: Battle Angel passed with flying colors.


Gintama 2017 Movie

Well as they say keep the best for last, we end this list on a high note with none other than the most stupid idiotic samurai in his era Sakata Gintoki. I mean yeah, I am a Gintama huge fan but still truth must be told this adaptation brought the real Gintoki to life and turned him from a 2D existence into a walking talking living being.

Gintama Live Action Movie

The actor portraying Gin was so on point in some scenes you can actually be deceived thinking you’re watching the Gintoki version portrayed in the anime series. Yeah, guys he was that good!! He made the role his own and brought Gintoki to life amusing the audience with the silly humor we are accustomed to in the world of Gintama as well as give us epic battle scenes that took our breathes away.

Gintama Movie 1

Every character received its fair share of screen time and outstanding portrayal of each and every character. This movie carries with it the essence of Gintama and reminds all its fans of the reason they watch it in the first place.

The point I am trying to reach here is, If you haven’t watched this adaptation yet then you’re missing out on more than you can imagine so, please go watch it.

Hope you all enjoyed our list for today. The comment section is your battlefield to explain how you felt about our list and what lists you wish to see soon. Until our next list, stay safe, keep your social distance and Get Your WEEB ON!!

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