Top 10 Best Manga Of All Time According To MyAnimeList

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Looking to read some manga? Well, We’ve got just the list for you to get started.

With our friend, MyAnimeList helping us out today with the standings, be sure to look up the website if you haven’t already. It’s a great place where weebs fight it out in the comments and protect their waifus.

But there’s a lot of anime and manga that make up for all that, so we’re good. With that being said, let’s review their ‘top manga’ section together and look at the Top 10 Best Manga of All Time According to MyAnimeList.

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The Warring States of China, Well that’s a first. All we’ve seen are those Japanese feudal lords going at it in those ‘Sengoku Basara series’ in addition to a bunch of Nobunaga we see in every other anime out there.

Follow Li Xin as the manga puts him through all kinds of situations since time is totally unpredictable and a comrade to known. Plus, the anime made a return this season. Better check that out after you’re done with everything.

Slam Dunk

Let’s face it, Slam Dunk is way better than Kuroko no Basuke where all of a sudden, we have Goku and Vegeta playing basketball.

Slam Dunk stays on the ‘real’ side of the sports genre in addition to featuring characters that you’re willing to spend all those hours with since there are a lot of chapters to get you occupied for a while.

Grand Blue

A name not many people had heard of before its debut on the screen. Comedy taken to the very next level with all kinds of sexy chicks there to make sure you keep the manga in your secret stash, Grand Blue features a lot, a lot.

Now, done with the anime, we’re all armed and ready to see what the manga has to offer.

Oyasumi Punpun

Underrated as hell, a title that never got its long-awaited debut. A lot’s going in our heads when we’re transitioning to the ‘adult phase’ of our lives.

Lots of hormones, emotions, feelings, thoughts. Delivering a story you won’t be forgetting in addition to being on the ‘realistic’ side of things, this manga sure deserves way more attention.


Takehiko Inoue, at it again. You know the guy’s something else when he’s got two titles in the top 10 manga of all time. I’ll give you a disclaimer, all that art in the manga is done by the man himself.

I never could’ve imagined a human hand being so good at drawing. All those characters and all that well-detailed scenery, just marvelous. That sure makes the ruthless action come to life.


Being a doctor comes hand in hand with a lot of burdens that sometimes outweigh the prestige and reverence it holds when it comes to society.

Germany at its very best with all kinds of nationalities all mixed in, Monster is perfect to give you the taste of that psychological ‘cat and mouse game’ that you’ve been wanting since day one. Dive into one of the most twisted minds out there, for the only time humans are equal is at the time of their death.

One Piece

Alright, I’m not going to say anything about this since Luffy has seen us grow up, having entertained us through the television screen since day one.

A lot’s changed but Luffy is still the same old straw hat kid we knew and loved back in the day.

Full Metal Alchemist

Being the undisputed winner of the best anime of all time and still holding it like it’s nothing, the manga takes it up a notch with that beautiful art that blends in perfectly with the alchemy universe.

Relive the story once again with the ink-laden pages that would hit you with that nostalgia over and over again.

Jojo No Kimyou Na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run

With Jojo going so strong right now, it’s hard for a meme to not feature DIO, let’s be honest. But among a gazillion of volumes that the series features this one, I can’t wait to get animated. It’ll be the best anime of that year.


If you’ve only watched the anime then yes, I get it. You’re super mad as to how this shit CGI made it to the list. But as someone who’s up to date with the manga, I can tell you that there’s no universe that delivers a better story while being so engaging all the time.

Having given birth to Artorias from Dark Souls and a bunch of other memorable characters, it’s safe to say that it’s a favorite of a bunch of OGs out there.

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